Friday, March 31, 2006


Welcome to our new blog! The blog is intended for information, questions, comments and suggestions related to the Pennington Research Association and genealogy research on the Pennington surname.

Please do NOT post queries on this blog. To post a query, go to ==>

Many genealogy associations and companies are now using blogs to post information, solicit comments, ideas and suggestions and to share their research and pictures. Blogs are interactive and allow both the creator of the blog and visitors to post comments and material so everybody can share them. Blogs are replacing the "ezines" (electronic newsletters sent via e-mail) and have many advantages.

We used to have an "ezine" but dropped it a few years ago for many reasons (mostly a ton of work was required to operate and keep it current). Many members have asked us to add a discussion page to our website but creating and maintaining discussion pages require lot's of time as well.

Thank you.

Gene Pennington (Group 7)
Chairman and Research Director
Pennington Research Association, Inc.