Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pennington WWII Military Service

Carmen's recent posting to the PRA mail list list reminded me that one of the projects I want to work on in the future is to publish in the Pennington Pedigrees, information about any Pennington who served in WWII. This will include, but not be limited to, military service record, personal family history (descendants & ancestors), photographs, memorabilia, personal stories of service and/or action, and similar related items.

Many of us have parents who served in WWII and we've collected stories, photographs and memorabilia over the years. Many of these members of "The Greatest Generation" are still with us and would love to share their stores - all we have to do is ask.

This project is just starting to take shape so most of the details have not been nailed down yet. To protect individuals' privacy, the information will NOT include any personal information on any living persons nor will it include social security or military identification numbers of any person included in the research. This does not restrict us from including information on living persons, it just means we won't publish personal information such as dates of birth, marriage, etc. and the same will be true for any of their descendants.

Since we're now publishing the Pedigrees on a CD, we can include all kinds of things and we have lot's of ways to really make the article/s interesting and in some cases, interactive. Carmen's example of a website for her great uncle's military experience at --> can be included on the CD so readers can click on the website link and go directly to it. Wow!

Depending on how many articles and how much material we collect, we may have to spread them out over several issues of the Pedigrees. When we're through publishing all the material, we can later produce a single CD with the information all on the one CD. Of course, like all the PRA's publications, the CD/s will be sent to the PRA Archives/Library where they will be maintained and placed on the Internet. Wow again!

This is an open ended project at this time and I welcome your comments and suggestions. When I have enough to put more together, I'll work with Colleen Blizard, Editor, and the PRA Board to see where this idea can go.

I'm personally excited about the project because I've been collecting information and photographs of my Grandfather and Dad for several years and I think it will great to share it with other Pennington researchers.

Here are two examples of pictures I have to share.

1. This is a picture of my Grandfather, Omer C. Pennington, in WWI. He's also seen with an unknown solider. Picture is on a post card that he sent home to his wife.

2. A picture of my Father, Omer C. Pennington, Jr., with his flight crew. They are pictured in front of their plane, a P-61 Black Widow. If you can see it, notice the nose art. The story behind the name is very interesting. The picture was taken in China towards the end of WWII.