Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Research Websites

At a recent genealogy research group meeting, we shared some new (within the last two years) genealogy websites. I thought you might find them of value to you.

1. (subscription website but they do have a free 7 day trial offer)

2. (subscription website but they also have a free trial

3. (subscription website)

4. (subscription website)

5. (free)

I really enjoyed workin on and gave some examples of records I had found looking in the Civil War records. Even though is not a new website, I added it to our list because it has changed so much and they have added so many new records it might as well be a new website.

Each of the other websites had different type of research records and/or links to other websites but provide an excellent source for genealogy research.

It was suggested that you may want to "partner" with another researcher when it comes to using the fee websites. In other words, you pay for one subscription for a website and your "partner" pays for another subscription on a different website. Then the two (2) of you share your user name and password, or go to each other's homes and work on a specific website.