Sunday, August 31, 2008

PRA 2008 Reunion Is History!

Believe it or not, the PRA 2008 Reunion/Meeting is now part of our history.

It was a great Reunion/Meeting and our hosts, Jim and Sharon Pennington did a great job! My hat is off to both of them!

The Board met on Wednesday for two Team Building exercises and then in the afternoon for a Board meeting.

Both sessions were outstanding and much was accomplished.

I'll be posting more details later.

Jim Pennington resigned as our President after having served for the past 2 years. Jim did a great job as our leader and I know he's looking forward to spending more time working on his genealogy research. Thank you Jim for a wonderful job!

We have a new President, Melinda G. Pennington who has been a very active volunteer with the PRA for the past few years. She has served as the Membership Chair for the past two years and the ARD responsible for the Family Groups and Group Leaders as well as the Group Leader for Group 6. She has a great well rounded genealogy background and I know she'll jump in with both feet working on the new goals and objectives the Board has set for the next 5 years.

We're all looking forward to working with her on the new directions the Board has set for us.