Monday, September 15, 2008

2009 Membership Incentive Plan

Announcing the PRA 2009 Membership Drive

The Pennington 2009 PRA Membership Incentive Plan begins on September 15, 2008. TODAY !

Earn discounts on PRA Pedigrees for Each New Member you Refer!

Earn discounts on PRA Pedigrees if You Join the PRA and You're a New Member!

Refer Five New Members and Earn a Free 2010 Membership!

If any PRA Member, including a new Member who just joins, refers a person to the PRA and they become a new Member, both (referring Member and the new Member) will receive $5 off the price of any Pennington Pedigree. For each additional person referred who becomes a new Member, the referring Member will receive another $5 off the price of any Pennington Pedigree. This offer is limited to a maximum number of referrals to four (4) persons.

If any PRA Member, including a new Member who just joins, refers five (5), or more, people and they become new Members, the referring PRA Member would be entitled to a free PRA 2010 membership. The 5th person can include the PRA Member themselves (i.e. four (4) other persons plus themselves for a total of (5).

This incentive is available to ANYBODY who refers five (5) or more new Members. This way, a potential new Member can add themselves plus four (4) other new Members for a package.

Click here to join the PRA and learn more about PRA membership.

Click Here to View the Available Pennington Pedigree's.

With your membership you receive these valuable resources:

  • Two (2) issues a year of the Pennington Pedigrees mailed directly to your home. The Pedigrees are now produced on a searchable CD completed with pictures (many in color), graphics and digitized genealogical material.
  • A search of the Pennington Research Association's master database (JFMF) of 70,000 names to help locate your Pennington ancestors.
  • Access to the Pennington Research Association's Member's ONLY website where you can search our master database (JFMF), family trees and family histories, our Obituary Database and be able to print reports!

Qualifying rules:

  • A new Member is someone who was not a member in 2008.
  • The referring Members name must be stated on the membership application.
  • The Membership Chair is excluded from this incentive program.
  • This offer expires September 14, 2009. Please take advantage of this offer before this date.

This offer was brought to you by the combined efforts of the Membership Incentives Team: Carmen Johnson, Betsy VanAuker and Katherine Allman with input from Gene Pennington and Melinda Pennington.

If you have any questions regarding the new membership offer, please email the membership chair, Melinda Pennington to get started.