Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bringing Newspapers Online One at a Time - New Google Service

I was just reading an entry in Google's blog and found this very interesting entry.

Google now offers you the ability to search many major newspapers archives - online! Wow! I just went to the Google Archives search page and did a search on "Pennington" and up popped thousands of archived newspaper stories with the name "Pennington" in them. I spotted one from 1893 about the "infamous" Pennington electric road scheme. Naturally there are hundreds of articles about Chad Pennington so if you're a big fan, you'll find lots of articles to keep you busy for some time. I know that I'll be spending some of my "free time" scanning over this historical treasure!

Click here to read the entire story about Google's new search service.

Enjoy! And don't blame me if you're up late one night this week searching the Google Archives!