Friday, September 05, 2008

New Digital Organizing Service on the Internet

You've heard me talk before about the importance of storing our paper files in digital format and being able to scan them and index them for easy and quick retrieval. This was discussed at our recent Board meeting when I provided an update on the next issue of the Pennington Periodicals Volume II.

As I mentioned at that time, this multi-step process can be time consuming and expensive. Yesterday I read an article in Dick Eastman's blog in which he discusses this problem. If you want to learn more about this new service, please read his article.

If you'd like to learn more directly from this new service, go to the Pixily own website and click on the many helpful links they have to explain and demonstrate their service.

It appears to me that if the PRA used this service for the scanning and indexing of the next block of Pedigrees to be published in Pennington Periodicals Volume II, it would cost about $15.00 per month to process 50 pages. If you project this out, that is:

- $30 per volume of Pedigrees (based on our estimate there are about 100 pages per volume).

- A total cost of $600 (based on an estimate of 2 issues per year x 10 years = 20 issues X $30 per volume = $600)

If there are more than 100 pages per volume, the cost would increase.

There are other pricing plans which you can see on their pricing and plans web page.

This appears to me to be a viable option for two reasons:

- 1. It certainly will save me all the many hours I would otherwise have to spend to scan and index and convert the issues.

- 2. It is cost effective. The $600 for the next ten (10) years is very reasonable when compared to some of the other service companies I've checked out before.

By the way, Dick Eastman talks about using this service for his own personal genealogy research papers and pictures. I'm going to give this some serious consideration as well.