Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pennington Military Records Collection Project

I'm ready to start work on collecting Pennington military records. This project will be completed in several phases. The 1st phase is to ask you to send me information about any Pennington ancestor of yours that served in the military at any time in U.S. history. This can include service in the Republic of Texas.

To help me record the data in a standardize format, please send me the information listed below my signature line. I may add or deleted some of the data if it turns out it's not needed. This is just the start and it's in the "test" phase at this time.

Please send your messages directly to me at The records will be SHARED with all Pennington researchers as soon as they are compiled and a suitable format method is determined.

The intent is to make this data available on the PRA's website/s and eventually published in the Pedigrees and/or the next issue of the Pennington Periodicals.

If you do NOT know a piece of data in one of the columns, please enter "unknown".

If you've not yet search NARA military service records or requested a copy of your ancestor's military records, go to to learn more.

Some military records are available now on a number of websites, most of which are fee based. I use to search Civil War records and have found all of my ancestors who served during the Civil War.

Please share this message with all the other Pennington researchers you may know so they can contribute. The more people we have contributing, the bigger and better the database will become.

Thank you,

Gene Pennington (Group 7)
Research Director
Pennington Research Association, Inc.
PRA Blog -

Information Requested

- Last Name (Pennington)

- First Name (Give the full given first name or initials as used at time of enlistment or draft - One of my ancestors is recorded as "AJM" Pennington for example)

- Middle (maybe full given middle name or initials if used at time of enlistment or draft)

- Service Number (NOT social security number - This is a reference number used by National Archives and Records Administration for search purposes. Go to for explanation.)

- Service (as shown on record or source - at time of enlistment or discharge or at time record was created)

- Rank (as shown on record or source - can be rank at time of discharge or at time record was created)

- Unit (as shown on record or source - at time of enlistment or discharge or at time record was created)

- Date of Enlistment (please use dd/mm/yyyy format - i.e., 02/07/1942)

- Date of Discharge (please use dd/mm/yyyy format - i.e., 02/07/1942)

- Engagement or War (WWI, WWII, Civil War, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc.)

- Source (please use source standards as defined by National Genealogical Society when citing sources - refer to -->

- Your Name (will be used as person who submitted the data)

- Your e-mail address (will be used as contact e-mail address by me if I have any questions. I will NOT publish your e-mail address.)

- PRA Group Number

- Document (Y or N) (If you have a source document to share, please let me know. This helps to document the source information for all researchers.)

- Document Type (Enlistment paper, discharge papers, award papers, etc.)

- Picture (Y or N)

- Consent (Y or N) (After I receive the data from you, I'll send you a consent to publish form via e-mail)