Saturday, October 04, 2008

Where are all the Genealogy Wikis?

I was reading another genealogy blog a couple of days ago written by Mark Tucker on and found this interesting entry. I found it of value because he lists some of the main uses for "wiki's" in genealogy. It fits with my recent message about genealogy social networking sites.

He says:

"This is a call out to all bloggers and blog readers. In the last few years, wikis have become popular as a way for many people to collaborate and share information. Particularly interesting to the genealogy community are genealogy wikis. Two of the most well known are Dick Eastman’s Encyclopedia of Genealogy and FamilySearch’s Research Wiki.

There are three main uses for wiki’s in genealogy:

- Articles about genealogy and family history (ex: Encyclopedia of Genealogy & FamilySearch Research Wiki)
- Personal genealogy (ex: Genealogy Wikia, WeRelate)
- Links to genealogy sites but no articles"

Click here to read the entire article.