Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Things Planned for PRA in 2009

We've been working hard since our Board meeting in August 2008 to find better ways to communicate with PRA Members and Pennington researchers.

Let's talk about this blog for starters.  We created this blog in March 2006.  We have 4 PRA Members who can post a new message to the blog.  We welcome other PRA Members to join us as a contributor so you can post new messages and add to our content.  If you want to become a contributor to our blog, please post a comment to this message and I'll contact you for more information. 

We limited the number of people who can post a comment to a message but after many months of testing this blog, I've decided to open it to allow any registered user (includes OpenID) to comment to any message on this blog.

My hope is that more PRA Members and Pennington researchers will read our blog and contribute to the content.  The more comments we have to share, the better.

We've been testing several genealogy social networking websites and I think I'm going to recommend to the PRA Board that we select Facebook as the location to meet and welcome PRA Members and Pennington researchers.

The PRA's Facebook page will automatically receive new posts from this blog as well as allowing others to post messages, family trees, photos, videos and other content to the page.  This makes the new Facebook page a great place for all the PRA's websites, blog, photos, videos, research, communications and other rich content.

Find us on Facebook to discover more about the PRA.  We encourage you to interact with the PRA's Facebook Page and show your support as "fans".

If you have any suggestions or comments to help the PRA, please post them on this blog and on our Facebook page.