Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PRA Reunion in 2010

I know this is early but the Board will be meeting in June or July to discuss several important items. The PRA meets every other year so our next PRA Reunion/Meeting will be held in 2010. Last year the Board thought we had a volunteer to host the PRA 2010 Reunion but for a number of personal reasons, she withdrew her offer so we're once again looking for a volunteer to host the PRA 2010 Reunion/Meeting.

We need volunteers to host our Reunion/Meetings and rely entirely on them to help make the arrangements, etc.

If we do NOT find a host, the PRA Board will most likely decide NOT to have a PRA Reunion/Meeting in 2010. I don't know what the Board may decide, but based on our previous discussions, I'd say it’s a strong possibility they’ll decide not to have a Reunion/Meeting in 2010.

The Board and Officers help with this process but we need a person who lives in, or near, the location to work directly with a hotel.

In the past, the Board used a "rule of thumb" as to selecting the location.

One year the Reunion/Meeting was held East of the Mississippi and the next year it was held West of the Mississippi. The Board did this to balance out the travel for everybody. The Board has also expressed a desire to meet every few years in Richmond, Indiana, home of the PRA Archives/Library at Earlham College.

However, the Board recognizes this "rule of thumb" is no longer as important as having a host so this would only be a consideration if we had more than one person offer to host.

We've even discussed having the Reunion/Meeting on a cruise. We've had a few people suggest this before and we've had some discussions with 2 cruise lines and they offer some interesting possibilities. The cost for having it on a cruise can be less expensive than what you'd pay for travel, food and lodging if you take a 7 day period for comparison.  Click here to learn more about one cruise line is doing to help plan reunion cruises.

There have been other options discussed as well such as having the Reunion/Meeting at a theme park like Disneyland, DollyWood, Branson or even in Las Vegas.

We've never explored this option but I do know there are lots of specialty locations (such as Branson) that do offer packages for reunions.

We're willing to consider all options so this is the time to speak up.

We have lots of resources to help with forms, record keeping, etc. and there are several of us who've hosted before that can offer help and suggestions.

The PRA funds the Reunion/Meetings so there are no out of pocket expenses to our host.

If you're interested, or if you'd like to suggest options or discuss the options I've mentioned her, please contact Melinda G. Pennington (, President, or me before 5/01/09.

Click here To learn more about our PRA Reunion/Meetings.