Tuesday, March 03, 2009

PRA Technology Help – Doug Pennington

I’m pleased to announce that Doug Pennington, Group Leader for Group 2, has agreed to help me with the many technology challenges the PRA faces.

As you know, many of our PRA volunteers are heavily involved with technology as it applies to the PRA operations, publications and community outreach programs.  These include Board Members, Officers, Group Leaders and others who are working hard to keep the PRA moving in a positive way towards our goals and objectives.

We have so many technology issues facing us and so many technology projects underway that I need some special help.  Doug is a highly skilled and educated technology professional who can help me:

1. Identify technology issues, present and future.

2. Discuss the many options and solutions to successfully implement a technology solution.

3. To correct/fix a technology problem.

4. Prepare recommendations to the Board to implement a technology solution.

5. Implement an approved technology solution for the PRA.

Here is a short list of the technology projects I’m currently working on for the PRA.

1. Migrating our main website to a new web hosting plan.

2. Setting up a reliable website host where we can place all our digital files for safekeeping.

3. Compiling and eventually publishing the Pennington Periodicals Volume II CD.

4. Maintaining the PRA main website.

5. Monitoring the Member’s only website and helping Carmen Johnson with its operation when needed.

6. Maintaining the PRA mail list.

7. Maintaining the PRA blog.

8. Maintaining the new PRA Facebook web page and Group page.

9. Maintaining the new PRA Google web page.

10. Checking out a new website for the PRA that could replace some of what we now offer on the PRA main website and on the Member’s only website.  This is primarily a membership management website but it does have many other features that are attractive.

11. PRA Military Records Project.

12. PRA Digital Library Project at Earlham College

I’m very excited to be working with Doug and I look forward to working with him on these very important technology projects on behalf of the PRA.