Friday, May 01, 2009

GenSeek Wish List | ThinkGenealogy

From Mark Tucker’s ThinkGenealogy blog:

GenSeek is the Web 2.0 replacement for the Family History Library Catalog. It is expected to release soon, but has no published release date.

I have been thinking of a common way genealogy researchers use the FHLC and how it could be improved in GenSeek. Before a trip to the Family History Library, many researchers use the FHLC to find sources they want to examine. Often each detail page is printed off and taken to the library. Some choose to sort the papers in the order they want to perform their research. At the library, these papers can be used to write notes about what was found or not found in each source.

Now I know that GenSeek is intended to include more than the sources at the FHL, but I think the following features would be useful is the broader sense as well.

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GenSeek Wish List | ThinkGenealogy