Saturday, May 02, 2009


I have received from Terry Moore, CG, her summary and overview report for our Research Project 05-1. I have reviewed it.  I like the report because it summarizes and provides a good overview of all the other reports for this project.

The key statement in this report is:

“No direct evidence has yet been found proving that Benajah Pennington was married to Elizabeth Humphries or that the names of his children were Macajah, Benajah, Andrew or William as suggested on the Pennington Association Family Group Sheet.”  Then she adds, “However, indirect evidence can be used to suggest or prove relationships” (She placed a footnote at the end of this sentence to clarify direct evidence).

She then spends several pages laying out the indirect evidence and related information she found as part of her research and that of Jeffrey L. Haines, CG.

She concludes with her recommendations for further research.  I think that for now we cannot continue with additional research on this project due to a lack of funding.

Instead, I’d recommend we publish this summary/overview report and all her other reports (including the timeline for Benajah Pennington) with the Pennington Periodicals Volume II CD.

I did find her report very interesting and it does provide a great deal of information that one could use to reach a well reasoned and logical conclusion about Benajah Pennington, b. 1724/25 and his family.  I am very comfortable publishing her reports and publishing a research paper drawing some conclusion about Benajah Pennington, b. 1724/25.  This paper can be published with the Pennington Periodicals Volume II CD.

I wish we had an unlimited budget because I would really like to give her the “green light” to continue with her research.  I think she has identified some excellent recommendations for further research.  However, as you know from our previous discussions and messages, professional research is expensive and our funds are limited so we need to conclude this project for now.