Monday, August 10, 2009

Colleen Blizard, Pedigrees Editor - Resignation

It is with great regret that I announce the resignation of Colleen Blizard, Editor of the Pennington Pedigrees.  Her resignation will be effective after publication of the Fall 2009 issue.

In her message to me concerning her resignation, Colleen said “I’m struggling to find time to work on the Pedigrees.  I’ve looked at what is planned in my life over the next year and do not see things getting any better.   Therefore, I feel it is necessary that I resign as Pedigrees Editor.  I will complete the Fall, 2009 issue.  Please find a new editor for the Spring, 2010 issue.”

I spoke with Colleen on the phone yesterday and she assured me that she will complete the Fall 2009 issue of the Pedigrees and that she will help the new Editor with the transition.

I cannot say enough good things about Colleen.  She has worked very hard for the PRA these past few years.  Her resignation is a tremendous setback for the PRA and I will really miss working with her.  She is the best Editor I’ve ever worked with since I have been on the Board and I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with her.  I know our Members have enjoyed her work and they will be sadden to learn of her resignation.

When we spoke on the phone, I asked if there was anything I could do to change her mind or perhaps delay her resignation but unfortunately her personal and professional responsibilities need her immediate attention.  We discussed how we could improve the entire process and I asked her to send me a brief outline of the process, including software, to publish each issue of the Pedigrees so we have it for our reference. 

Colleen expressed her concern how difficult it is to produce and publish the Pedigrees when so few people contribute articles and material.  I know Melinda and I agree with Colleen 100% on this critical issue.  It is an example of how the PRA is suffering from lack of participation by our Members.

I know you all join me in wishing Colleen the best and in thanking her for all her hard work and dedication.  She has contributed a great deal to the mission of the PRA and her efforts will not be forgotten.