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Looking for Information on Dabner Pennington, b. ?, Place ?, d. ?, Place?

Note:  This is posted with the consent of Mary Elizabeth Rushing who belongs to PRA Family Group 4.

I belong to PRA Family Group 4.  I was recently contacted and told I was related to Dabner Pennington, b. ?, place ?, d. ?, place?”.   In researching him, I found census records indicating he was born in 1820 or 1823 in Tennessee.

In checking the PRA Family Group 4 family tree, I found him listed but I’m look for more information. 

If anyone has more information, please add your comments to this topic or contact Mary Elizabeth Rushing.


Additional information from Gene Pennington.

The John French Master File (known as the JFMF) does have some information on a couple of Dabner Pennington names.  Both belong to PRA Family Group 5

Below is a short family group report for the oldest Dabner Pennington who is the grandfather of the younger Dabner Hampton Pennington, b. Aug 1866, MO, m. 19 Jan 1988, MO, d. 25 Jul 1928, LA.

Family Group Record
Husband: Dabner Pennington
       Birth: 18 Apr 1821    White Co., TN                          
       Death: 15 Apr 1902    West Plains, Howell Co. MO             
      Burial:                West Plains, Howell Co. MO             
    Marriage: 15 Dec 1840    White Co., TN                          
      Father: John David Pennington (b 6 Sep 1782)
      Mother: Nancy Harris (b 26 Oct 1783)
Other spouse: Mary A. Herren (m 15 Oct 1868)                        
Wife: Margaret Bradford
       Birth: 27 Apr 1820    White Co., TN                          
       Death: 15 Aug 1866    Howell Co., MO                         
      Father: David Bradford
      Mother: Elizabeth Bradford
1 M John David Pennington
       Birth: 12 Sep 1842    White Co., TN                          
       Death: 1927           Crocker, Pulaski Co., MO               
      Spouse: Maggie (Margaret?) ?                                  
      Spouse: Matilda Lynch (m 16 Aug 1865)                         
2 M Charles G. Pennington
       Birth: abt 1844                                              
3 F Elizabeth Pennington
       Birth: 24 Nov 1847                                           
4 F Mary Pennington
       Birth: 13 Jun 1852    White Co., TN                          
       Death: 15 Dec 1934    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK        
      Burial: 17 Dec 1934    Enid, Garfield Co., OK                 
      Spouse: Thomas Wiley Herren (m 20 Jul 1871)                   
5 F Harriett E. Pennington
       Birth: abt 1854                                              
6 _ Mestes? Pennington
       Birth: abt 1857                                              
7 F Prudence Pennington
       Birth: 1858                                                  
8 F Permelia Pennington
       Birth: 1 Oct 1859                                            
       Death: 4 Dec 1939                                            
      Spouse: Timothy A Herron (m 4 Oct 1877)                       
General: Genealogical information for this line of descendants was entered by hand from
the petition of Jeanne Perkins Thomas for the 2000 John French Master File.

HUSBAND NOTES: Dabner Pennington
General(4): Sources for Dabner Pennington are from Jeanne Perkins Thomas.  References she
used include:
1850 Census - White Co., TN #998
1880 Census - Howell Twp., Howell Co., TN
Marriage License of Margaret Bradford - State of TN, 15 Dec. 1840, marriage book (1809-1859) pg. 51
History of Douglas Co., MO
Bible Page form Bedwell Bible
Pennington Pedigrees
Death - West Plains Journal - West Plains, Howell Co., MO, Nov. 1902

WIFE NOTES: Margaret Bradford
General(5): Margaret is the daughter of David and Elizabeth Bradford

CHILD NOTES: John David Pennington
General(6): John David lived on a farm in the West Plains and Willow Springs (Howell Co.),
MO area.  The home was burned by Yankees during the Civil War.

CHILD NOTES: Charles G. Pennington

CHILD NOTES: Elizabeth Pennington

CHILD NOTES: Mary Pennington
General: Sources for Mary Pennington Herron are from Jeanne Perkins Thomas.  References
she used include:

1880 Census - Spring Creek Twp., Howell Co., TN, pg. 18; 145/145
1900 Census - Blaine Twp., Garfield Co., OK  58/58
Death Certificate - OK State Board of Health, Registration Dist. #55150;
Register #41450

CHILD NOTES: Harriett E. Pennington

CHILD NOTES: Mestes? Pennington
Birth: She died young

CHILD NOTES: Prudence Pennington

CHILD NOTES: Permelia Pennington
General(11): Permelia Pennington married Timothy A. Herron, Timothy and Thomas Wiley Herron
were Brothers

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