Monday, October 19, 2009

Google Books & My Library – Pennington Search Results

I’ve mentioned Google Books before but I’m not sure I mentioned that you can create your own library once you locate books you want to save for reading and research.  Some of these books are available for free (as a download) while others are available for sale.

If you go to Google and then click on “more” you’ll find a listing for “Books”.  When you go there you’ll find easy to follow directions on how to use the search feature to find books of interest.

If you enter “Pennington” it will bring up all the books it knows about with “Pennington” some place in the book, etc.  If you click on a particular book, it’ll take you to a new page and show you each location where “Pennington” is printed.

For example, I found a genealogy book titled “Genealogical Record of the Condit Family, Descendants of John Condit” and on page 391 there is an entry that says:

“Asa, (1795), of Silas, married Phebe Pennington, and second, Charlotte, both daughters of Hon. William I. Pennington, of Newark, N.J.; he married third, Mary A. G. Wolcott, daughter of Gov. Wolcott, of Connecticut.  Asa was a …. “

Another entry from the same book on page 36 says:

“215. Asa, born April 24, 1795, married Phebe and Charlotte Pennington, daughters of William, Newark, N.J.; third, Ann Wolcott.”

These names and dates may be of some interest to any of you researching Pennington names in New Jersey.

One of the other books I’ve added to my library (to be purchased in the future) is titled “The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748-1763: abstracts of land grants”.  I searched it for “Pennington” and found references to a couple of Pennington males (Benajah). 

There are several other books about North Carolina that I’ll be reviewing later and probably adding to my reference library.

There are many other books to check so enjoy yourself.