Monday, October 19, 2009

iPhone Genealogy Related Applications

I recently purchased a new iPhone 3GS.  I’m very impressed with many of the phone’s features and with the thousands and thousands of applications available for use on the phone.  The surprising thing to me is it only cost me an additional $25.00 per month to utilize all the iPhone's great features.    That’s unlimited data plan and up to 200 text messages a month.  AT&T is running a great special now on the new iPhone 3GS for only $199.00 for those of you thinking of changing phones.

Here is a short summary of four of the applications I use for genealogy and social networking.

1.  GedView is a genealogy application I’m now using on my iPhone.  At $3.99 I think the price is reasonable .  So far I’m impressed with the application and how easy it is to find and view my personal genealogy information and research – right on my iPhone!

The only complaint I have is the way you have to upload your gedcom file to get the data to view in the application.  It is a little cumbersome but once you figure out the steps, it goes quickly and works fine.

2.  Dropbox is a free application.  I’ve posted information about this great productivity application before but for use in genealogy research, it’s great!  You install it on all your computers you want to share files with and you can easily add files/photos/videos to it and then access them from any of the other computers.  Dropbox on the iPhone allows you to easily access those files directly from the phone or to add new files/pictures/videos to the shared storage area.

3.  Google Mobile Application includes a great voice search feature.  You just talk into the phone and the Google search engine goes to work!  Includes quick access to Google Maps, Gmail and more.  Great!

4.  Facebook for the iPhone-3G is a great application that allows you to keep up with your Facebook page and to quickly upload messages, photos and videos to your Facebook page or to comment on one of your “Friends” Facebook page. 

I’m going to use this application when I’m in Salt Lake City next March while I’m attending the NGS 2010 Conference and the PRA 2010 Reunion/Meeting.  It’s a great way to keep my Friends up to date on both conferences.

There are so many others that are useful but I’ll save them for another blog post.