Friday, October 02, 2009

Looking for PRA Members to run for PRA Board of Director

Posted for Melinda G. Pennington, President.

I just wanted to announce to the PRA members that this Dec 31, 2009 we will be have one resignation of our PRA Board of Directors and would like to know if anyone would like to run for the board this year.

James W. (Jim) Pennington will not be renewing his volunteered service as a board member this year but will remain a Group Leader for 31.

PRA Policies and Procedures for the Board of Directors is below:

The Board of Directors description and duties:

Consists of nine (9) members elected by the PRA membership (Refer to Section5.02 of the Bylaws)

1. Elects the Chairman of the Board

2. Sets the policy for the PRA

3. Approves Officers appointed from the membership by the Chairman of the Board.

Conflict of Interest

Board Members who have direct financial access to accounts should not be directly related to each other and may not do business with companies affiliated with, or who act as major customers or suppliers of the PRA.

Board Members of an immediate family (husband, wife, daughter, and son) should not be given positions that could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Melinda Pennington, PRA President

Note:  To nominate someone, contact any Board Member.  Click here to see our “Contact” web page with names and e-mail addresses of Board Members and Officers.