Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pennington Pedigrees on Sale (15-1)

With our new sale on Pennington Pedigrees issues from 1980-99, now is a good time to tell you what the PRA's publications have to offer.

Pennington Pedigrees 15-1 (1983) is 84 pages of Pennington records, research, and history. This issue contains various records for the states of Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia to name a few. Information about Edmund Pennington of Montgomery County, PA (Group 14), Descendants of Edmund and Jane Webb Price (Group 17), and wills of several Group 10 Penningtons are included. Also, a picture album with Group 5 members and Group 4 tombstones is included!

To purchase this or any other PRA publication or lapel pin, goto the PRA's publications page. Don't forget the Pennington Periodicals Vol. 1 CD covering all Pedigrees from 1968-79 is also available for $35.00. If you have any questions about this or any other PRA publication, contact the Sales Manager, Daniel Pennington.