Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pennington Pedigrees on Sale (30-2)

With our new sale on Pennington Pedigrees issues from 1980-99, now is a good time to tell you what the PRA's publications have to offer.

Pennington Pedigrees 30-2 (1998) is 101 pages of Pennington records, research, and history. This issue contains 8 pages of "Penningtons in the News", church records from Cecil County, Maryland, and lots of info on Thomas Pennington of Surry County, VA (Group 10). Also included are marriage records from Oklahoma and Ohio, and various Pennington photos!

To purchase this or any other PRA publication or lapel pin, goto the PRA's publications page. Don't forget the Pennington Periodicals Vol. 1 CD covering all Pedigrees from 1968-79 is also available for $35.00. If you have any questions about this or any other PRA publication, contact the Sales Manager, Daniel Pennington.