Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: The Myth of Family Coats of Arms

A good explanation about Coats of Arms so Dick’s article is worth reading.

The PRA receives many questions about our Coats of Arms each year so below is a summary of our answers to those questions.

Where did the PRA obtain its Coats of Arms?

We obtained permission from the current occupants of Muncaster Castle to use their Coats of Arms as a template.  We then hired a graphic artist who modified the template and designed our Coats of Arms which we proudly display on our websites and blogs.

The Pennington Research Association's official Coats of Arms is not available for sale.  It is a unique Coats of Arms and owned by the Pennington Research Association.  Under specific circumstances, PRA Members may request approval from the Pennington Research Association to use the official Coats of Arms.  If you would like to use the PRA Coats of Arms, please contact the Pennington Research Association.

By special arrangement, the PRA has a set of Coats of Arms that were designed by Michael Pennington.  He has given his consent for these graphic images to be used by Pennington researchers.  These Coats of Arms graphics were created by him and are based on the official PRA Coats of Arms but he has added more color and depth to them and made them in "gif" format so they are easier to download.

What are the three words which appear on the scroll of the Pennington Coats of Arms and what do they mean?

The three words on the scroll of the Coats of Arms are "Vincit amor patriae"

  1. "Vincit amor patriae" means "The love of my country prevails."
  2. "Vincent amor patriae laudumque immensa cupido" means "The love of my country exceeds everything."

The following motto appears in English above the mountain cat of the original Baron Muncaster Crest.

"Firm, Vigilant, Active" -Virg. AEn. vi. 823 v. Muncaster b. Pennington Muncaster, B.

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Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: The Myth of Family Coats of Arms