Thursday, November 05, 2009

PRA 2010 Membership Application – Mailing Delay

I just spoke to our printer and he has NOT yet mailed the PRA 2010 Membership application. This is being mailed with the PRA 2009 Board of Directors ballot in the same envelope. The holdup has been with the US Postal Service. However, he promised that the membership application and the ballot would be mailed ASAP and no later than Monday, 11/09/09.

Given that the applications are just now being mailed, it means our renewal rate is much less than normal because most of our Members have not received their renewal applications and have not opted to use our online membership application.

I’m not sure why our Members are not using the online application like they have in the past but right now we only have a few 2009 Members signed up for 2010.

To help, you can renew, or join as a first time member, by using our online membership application.

We have our new membership database setup and you can use our easy online application to join the PRA. Click here to join.  On the “home” page, click on "Member application".

Or if you prefer to use our "older" online membership application, click here.