Thursday, January 28, 2010

Results of Survey - What Genealogy Program/s Do You Use?

The results are in on the recent survey I posted a few days ago. The survey was posted here, the PRA mail list, the PRA private group Facebook page and on the PRA public Facebook page.

The clear leader is Family Tree Maker with a total of 16. This total includes several versions of Family Tree Maker.

PAF, Reunion, RootsMagic and The Master Genealogist each had 4 users. This total included several versions of each program.

Legacy had 3 users.

Reunion iPhone, FamViewer iPhone, GedView iPhone, Family-ology, Brothers Keeper and Generations each had 1 user.

Several of us reported we use more than 1 genealogy program and some use 3 or more.

There were discussions about the genealogy programs, how they are used and why a user liked the program.

I encourage you to post your comments, questions and suggestions about the genealogy program you're using to our mail list, our blog or to either of our Facebook web pages.

Perhaps you have a question about your program that somebody can help answer or maybe you have a great tip you'd like to share.

If you do, please share with us and if you can, try to post your comments, questions or suggestions on as many of our social media locations or services as possible. The more people we reach out to and share, the more value to our community we become.