Monday, February 01, 2010

PRA 2010 Reunion/Meeting Cancelled

We have canceled the PRA 2010 Reunion/Meeting and the Exhibit Booth at the NGS 2010 Family History Conference.

If any of you have already registered (and paid) for the NGS 2010 Family History Conference, you can cancel your registration but you’ll be charged an admin fee (I think it’s around $45).

I will not be attending since the PRA will not be meeting and the expense is too high for me to attend the NGS conference.

If any of you still plan to attend, let us know what you thought about the conference.

I think we did the best we could by moving forward with what we all thought was a good idea but the reality is that once again a lack of participation by our Members and a conflict with our personal, family and professional needs, was too much for us to overcome.