Sunday, March 07, 2010

How to Access the John French Master File (JFMF)

I was asked to post this information so let me briefly review the steps needed to access the John French Master File (JFMF).

1. You must first be a current PRA Member.

2. You are sent an "invitation" message from Carmen Johnson (one of the Administrators for the JFMF) asking you to review the guidelines to use/access the JFMF. If you agree, you notify her.

3. You are then sent instructions how to access the JFMF (which website) along with your user name and a password.

4. The JFMF is located in the PRA Member's only website hosted by Once you receive your user name and password, you go to the website address (URL) provided to you in the message and login with your user name and password.

5. Once you login to the PRA Member's only website, go to the "Family Tree" section. These "Family Trees" are gedcom files that have been uploaded by myself, Carmen or other PRA Group Leaders or Members.

6. The JFMF (current version) is titled "JFMF-2005" and was uploaded by Carmen Johnson.

7. Each Family Group has its own "Family Tree" and in some cases more than one "Family Tree".

8. Click on "JFMF-2005" and it will display the JFMF in a new window in the pedigree view. You can display the data in several different "views".

9. You can use the "search" tool in the new window to search for a particular person, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Carmen Johnson and she can help.