Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PRA Websites - Clarification

Because the PRA has added a "new" website to our Internet presence, some Members have asked for clarification so here is my attempt to clear up any confusion.

1. Our “old” website is found at – This is slowly being phased out as we move more and more web pages to the new website (see below). You do NOT need a login user name or password to use this website.

2. Our PRA Members only website is hosted by – To access this website, you must be a current PRA Member. To access this website you must have a user name and password. If you are a current PRA Member and you can’t locate your user name and password, send a message to Carmen Johnson and let her know. She will confirm your PRA membership and then send you a message with information on how to login and assign you a new password.

a. Once there, you can visit the many sections including the “Family Tree” section that contains all the family trees (gedcom files) of the JFMF and other ones submitted by PRA Members. Please refer to a message I recently posted to the PRA mail list with instructions on how to access and use this website.

3. Our “new” website is located at . Much of this new website is visible to the public but there is one section that is restricted to PRA Members only. This section contains a Member Directory, an area that contains material for Members, an area that contains research material and an area for Group websites (this is a test area for now). We plan to include material that a PRA Member can download directly to their local computer. This section does require a user name and password. Once you join the PRA, you're provided with a user name and password.

We will soon “move” our domain name of so it connects directly to our “new” website. The “old” website will go “off line” at that time.

I hope this helps.