Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meeting Notice – PRA Board Meeting for 2010

We will be having our 2010 Board meeting soon.  Remember our meeting will be about three (3) hours in length held on a single day.  We will use our new software (Go To Meeting) which will allow all of us to meet on line at the same time.  As soon as we have selected a date and time, I’ll send you an announcement.

The following is our timetable: 

Call for agenda items – Start May 15, 2010 and end May 30, 2010.

Call for all reports due from various Officers and Committee Chairs - Start May 15, 2010 and end June 15, 2010.  Because the PRA has to make critical decisions this year, I will temporarily suspend the need for most reports until we’ve completed our meeting.  However we will need a few reports from our Officers and Committee Chairs to help us make decisions.  The reports we will need are:

1. Minutes of PRA 2009 Board Meeting (Cyber Space Meeting) - Betsy VanAuker [Draft minutes were distributed last year but we’ll need final draft for approval by Board]

2. Minutes of any PRA Votes Taken by PRA Board between 2009 Meeting and June 15, 2010 - Betsy VanAuker

3. Treasurer's Report - Year End Report for 2009 - Steve Kelly [This report has already been submitted]

4. Treasurer's Report - 2010 Year to Date - Steve Kelly

5. Membership Report - Melinda G. Pennington

Once we've concluded our meeting, the other reports can be submitted by September 1, 2010.  They will be presented to the Board around September 15, 2010 for review and approval.  The reason for delaying the report is to allow us time to update the reports based on the Board's decisions at our meeting.  The reports needed by September 1, 2010 are:

1. President

2. Pedigrees

3. Research Committee

4. Archives

5. Sales