Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Pennington Periodicals Volume II is NOW available for FREE to all PRA Members.

Pennington Periodicals Volume II will be published a few files per quarter for FREE to our PRA Members via our new website in the Members only section. 

By publishing a few files each month, our Members can download them whenever you want so you can read them later.  We will add a few new files each quarter.  These files are NOW available to PRA Members!

What is the Pennington Periodicals Volume II?

Following the tremendous success of Volume I, Volume II continues with the publication of all Pennington Pedigrees and Pennington Cousins’ Couriers from 1980 – 1990.  You will be able to read all Pennington Periodicals from another formative era of the PRA AND you can search for your favorite (or infamous!) ancestors.  That’s right!  You can actually SEARCH ALL the Pedigrees AND ALL the Couriers for specific names, locations or any other word or phrase!

Just think how this will help your research!

Volume II includes added bonuses!  We'll release copies of the final reports of the PRA’s special research report by Terry Moore, CG.  Her final reports cover her research on the Benajah Pennington Family of Rowan & Wilkes Counties, North Carolina picking up where the first report published in 2007 left off.  Plus Volume II will contain other special research files to help.  Those files will be announced soon so check back often for the announcement.

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