Friday, May 14, 2010

Resignation of Melinda G. Pennington as President and Membership Chair

It is with deep regret that I announce the resignation of Melinda G. Pennington as our President and Membership Chair.  Her resignation will be effective upon the completion of the mailing of the Pennington Pedigrees, Volume 42, No. 1 issue (Spring 2010).  Based on the current progress, we believe this will be around June 15, 2010.  Melinda’s personal commitments at home raising her children, being very active in her community and children’s lives have minimized the amount of time she has left over to function as she would like as our President and Membership Chair.

Melinda will remain on our Board of Directors and continue to serve in that very important role on behalf of our Members.

I know you all join me in expressing our gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work Melinda has contributed on behalf of the PRA.  Her leadership and skills will be missed.  On a personal note, I will miss our phone conversations listening to her ideas on how to make the PRA a more viable resource for our members.  She brought a fresh and exciting view to the PRA and her enthusiasm about the future of the PRA is infectious.