Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Call for Help - Volunteers Needed | Update

As you know, I've sent a couple of messages to our mail list calling for help from our volunteers to fill vacant or soon to be vacant positions. Thanks to Arthur Pennington, we have a new Membership Chair. He stepped forward and agreed to accept this critical position to help the PRA manage its membership database and communications.


The current vacant or soon to be vacant positions are:

1. President

2. Editor of the Pennington Pedigrees

We are still sorely in need of PRA volunteers to step forward to help. This does not look good for us.

We must have volunteers step forward to fill these critical positions.

If we don't soon find an Editor, I'm afraid the Pedigrees will no longer be published. Our Board will be meeting on July 17 and this is one of the major issues we'll be discussing.

If we can't find a new President, our day to day business operations will soon come to a grinding halt. Plus, the PRA will be without a PRA Member to speak on our behalf and to represent our Members.

These 2 positions are the ones that help the PRA function from day to day. If they are not filled, we are going to come to a grinding halt soon.

I don't want to overlook the other volunteers we need to help. We need Group Leaders and Members to serve on our Nominations and Audit Committees.

How about you? Do you have a little time left over each week that you can donate to help the PRA?

H E L P!!!!