Sunday, July 18, 2010

PRA 2010 Board Meeting - Actions Taken | Great Job!

Below is a summary from my notes that are NOT the “official” minutes of the meeting but I wanted to let you know what the Board accomplished in our meeting today.  Our Secretary, and new President, Betsy VanAuker will post the “official” minutes at a later date. 


Suggestions for website:

1.  Can we find a way to make a list/database of all the maiden and/or allied surnames for our Members and/or in the JFMF?  Discussion but no action taken.

2.  Create a page with instructions on how to find/use and explain the differences between it and our new website (  Discussion.  Action:  Gene volunteered to work on this task.


Publish Pedigrees online by making them downloadable on Members-only section of our new website.  Passed


Publish Pedigrees by making them downloadable on Members-only section of our new website now starting with Spring 2010 issue. Passed

Suggestion:  Inform members and printer and Pedigrees Team.  Send out messages and letters (to those who do not have e-mail).  Provide explanations - faster availability, cut costs, storage, always available, etc.

Suggestion:  Make CD copies for members who would rather have CD rather than downloadable files.  Arthur, Melinda and one other person offered to handle this and make copies on a CD as needed.

Give Carmen Insurance Broker phone number etc. so she can contact Insurance Broker and get explanation of what coverage we have and difference of the policies.

I just sent a message to Carmen, Betsy, Steve and our insurance agent with the information I have about our insurance policies and his contact information so Carmen can follow-up and contact him to learn more about our policies and give us a recommendation on what we should or should not cover.

Get copies of insurance policies. - All I have is copies of 2009 policies.  Perhaps Steve has copies of current policies.

Suggestion:  Have Group meetings online.  Gene offered to facilitate.  We will work on the who, where and how details later.

Suggestion:  Encourage Group Leaders and Members to organize meetings in their own Local/regional area/s for Pennington researchers.

Pedigrees Editor - Still can't find a volunteer.  Board asked us to keep Pedigrees Team working and publish Pedigrees.  Also asked us to keep recruiting for an Editor (All Board will keep recruiting).

Suggestion:  Do online meeting with Pedigrees Team to show/demonstrate how process works.  Gene offered to facilitate.  We will work on the who, where and how details later.

Pedigrees Team:  Arthur has Adobe InDesign s/w and will help with assembly of Pedigrees.  Arthur has joined our Pedigrees Team.


Upgrade new website to Community plan. – Passed

I sent an e-mail on 7/17/10 Wild Apricot.

Motion:  Betsy new President effective at the conclusion of our Board meeting.

Melinda will be Election Committee Chair and work with Betsy on upcoming Board elections.  Melinda will do draft announcements for nominations and for election.  She will also receive and count the ballots.