Wednesday, December 08, 2010

PRA Publications Page Now Available

Just in time for Christmas!  The PRA Publications web page is now available.  You can order directly from our Publications Orders page and make shopping for your favorite genealogy researcher, or yourself, easy as pie!

We offer the following items for purchase:

  1. Pennington ‘s, The Family Genealogy – Pennington's In England and Edmund Pennington In America” by Ayvonne A. Roach.
  2. Pennington Periodicals Volume I CD - A digital compilation of all Pennington Pedigrees and Pennington Cousins’ Couriers from 1968 – 1979.  Our CD allows you to read all Pennington Periodicals from this formative era of the PRA AND you can search for your favorite (or infamous!) ancestors.
  3. PRA Lapel Pin – Lapel pin with the PRA’s official Coats of Arms.

Happy Holidays!