Sunday, January 23, 2011

Major Changes on Website for PRA Members

Announcing major changes to the PRA Members-only website hosted by

The online Family Tree system that allows our Members to view a Family Tree (gedcom file) no longer works on our website.  The Family Trees (gedcom files) on our website were created primarily from the John French Master File (JFMF).  However, there are several Family Trees (gedcoms) that have been created and uploaded by our Members.

To view the changes and the announcement, login to the PRA Members-only website hosted by with your user name and password.  Then click on “Family Tree” in top menu line.

You will see the following warning message: 

Online Family Tree system has been retired - Updated 19 January 2011

As we have announced in the past, the Online Family Tree system has now been retired.

Your family tree file is still available, though the Online Family Tree program is not accessible to view or edit your tree.  To use your family tree file you can simply download it as a GEDCOM file by clicking on the download icon next to your tree below. You can then open it in any standard family tree software program.

You can also move your tree to the Ancestry Member Tree system, which will allow you to have full access to your family tree without having or running a family tree software program on your computer. Just click on the “Move to Ancestry Member Tree system” link under your tree below.

The Ancestry Member Tree system has many helpful features not previously available in the Online Family Tree.  This includes the ability to add photos or stories to individuals or events in your tree, as well as Ancestry Hints which will automatically search for historical records matching individuals in your tree.  Again, to move a copy of your family tree to the Ancestry Member Tree system, just click on the “Move to Ancestry Member Tree system” link below.

The online viewing software that used to work on our website no longer works!  They had told us a couple of months ago about the change coming but I thought they would give us advance notice and time to decide how to handle the new setup.  Unfortunately, they did not.

Now we have to decide what to do with the Family Trees (gedcom files) that are on the site.  I'll be meeting soon with Carmen Johnson (site administrator) asking if we can get together for an online meeting to see exactly what changes we can make using the existing site or if we need to move to the newest version of

Either way, we can no longer view the Family Trees (gedcom) online like we used to do.  Now you have to download a Family Tree (gedcom) to your local computer and then use your own genealogy software program to view them.

You can no longer upload your own Family Tree (gedcom) to the website either.

We’ll keep you informed.