Saturday, May 14, 2011

Picture Archival Supplies–Where to Find

During our webinar of a couple of weeks titled “Organizing your genealogy research, paper and digital,” a question was asked about where to obtain archival supplies to help preserve historical and personal pictures and similar material.
Jeanne Thomas, Group Leader for Group 5, did some follow up work and sent me a message with the information below.  It list a few locations online where you can purchase archival supplies.
Thanks Jeanne!

Here is a list of archival places to find assorted size photo pages.
I have used both light impressions and century products, but it has been probably at least 8 years ago. 
I received a Print File-archival storage catalog last year. I have not ordered from them as yet.  The prices tend to be expensive, but when you are dealing with precious photos it is worth the extra you have to pay. You can order a catalog at the websites. 
If you order more than one packet of photo pages the price is a little less.  In the Print File catalog you can get sizes for 4x6, 3.5x5, 5x7, 8x10, 3.5x10 for panoramic prints and 2.5x3.5 wallet sizes.  For 25 pages the price is $10.55.  There are various albums and archival storage boxes and just photo sleeves, both archival paper and clear sleeves. 
Our son gets  supplies from a place in New York, but he said their main products are for photographers and not many archival pages.

Hope this helps.
Jeanne Thomas


Rev. Jasper Green Pennington sent me a message with this information.

The Hollinger Company, 9401 Northeast Dr, Fredericksburg VA 22408 ( are the pioneers in archival storage  boxes which fit on shelves and come in a variety of options.  These are the ones used at the Pennington Archives at Earlham.  Hollinger has a full range of archival supplies.  The other one which I use is University Products, 517 Main St., POB 101, Holyoke, Ms. 01041-0101 (  Attached  is a photo of Hollinger boxes in my own archives.

Jasper Green Pennington, PRA Archivist