Monday, August 15, 2011

PRA Needs You! A Call for Help!

I know you get requests from many non-profit organizations asking you to volunteer your time. I know you must get tired of having to say "No" to many of them and that you have little or no time to spare.

That's why I'm a little shy about sending this call for help, but we really, really need YOU!

Here are some factoids about the PRA.

  • We have about fifty (50) volunteer positions ranging from Group Leaders to Board of Directors.
  • The average time most volunteers devote to the PRA is less than 5 hours a month to perform their duties and carry out their responsibilities.
  • The PRA is a small non-profit public benefit corporation that relies COMPLETELY on volunteers! We do not have any paid staff or employees!
  • The PRA operates on a very small budget each year - less than $3,000.00 - and yet we manage to provide valuable services to our Members each year.
  • We have not had a Pedigrees Editor for about two (2) years now.
  • We have an outstanding Team dedicated to helping the Pedigrees Editor. This Team has published the Pedigrees for the past couple of years.
  • Our current Treasurer wants to resign to devote more time to his personal and professional responsibilities.
  • We have three (3) Board Members whose term of office expire each year. We have nine (9) Board Members and each one is elected for a three (3) year term of office. Each year three (3) of them have their terms expire.

Please consider volunteering to help the PRA. We need YOU NOW!