Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Pennington Pedigrees Editor

It is with great pleasure to announce the PRA Board has approved my appointment of Marsha Hanson-Smith as our new Pennington Pedigrees Editor!

As you know we’ve been without an Editor for almost two (2) years.  I am so very happy that we now have an Editor on board so we can continue to move forward.

Marsha and I have exchanged several messages over the past couple of weeks and we spoke on the phone yesterday.  I am very impressed with Marsha’s positive attitude, her skill set and background, all of which will be of help to her in her new job.

One of our first discussions had to do with where Marsha lives.  She lives in Ireland.  She was concerned this may be a problem but after I reviewed the position requirements and what our Editor needs to be successful, a person’s residence was not a requirement nor was it, in my opinion, a critical component to be a successful Editor.

Here is a summary of Marsha’s background:

  • She has a BS in Computer Science so she is "computer savvy".
  • She has some volunteer experience as an Editor and knows how to use MS Publisher, Word, Excel, Access, and even QuickBooks.
  • When she lived in Turin, Italy, she was the Editor for the  IWCT (International Women's Club of Torino) for a short time after the current editor resigned.
    • The IWCT Bulletin she worked about 24 -32 pages and published each month.
    • She created a template in Publisher so she could easily add the material as I received it from the contributors.
  • Marsha is only beginning to learn about her ancestry and only became interested when she discovered she had a great grandfather from Ireland.
  • She says she does not have years of genealogical research or experience to share with readers but can do all the other tasks needed to publish the Pedigrees.

Marsha will become a Member of the Pedigrees Team and work with them to learn how the Pedigrees are assembled and published.  Melinda, Pedigrees Team Leader, will continue as such during this transition period which will allow Marsha to learn and ask questions as the Pedigrees move through this next publication cycle.

I know you all join me in wishing Marsha well and that she can count on you for help and support.