Thursday, October 20, 2011

Election Committee Members Needed

We urgently need PRA Members willing to serve on our Election Committee. Katherine Allman, PRA VP, has offered to serve as the Election Committee Chair. We need at least two (2) more PRA Members to serve on this committee with Katherine.

If you are willing to serve on the Election Committee, please contact Katherine Allman at:

This is a description of the position for the Chair and Members.

Election Committee Members & Chair

These are not Officers of the public benefit corporation. The appointments are made by President at the Annual Meeting/Reunion which this year will be on 10/29/11. Since Betsy is a candidate this year, Katherine has agreed to handle this job. The election to be held in November this year.

These positions need a Member who:

- Is computer "savvy" and has Internet access (preferably broadband/high speed connection).

- Is willing to serve on a committee that is comprised of a minimum of 3 PRA members who do not currently hold an office (can be waived by Board which it has been this year) and who are not candidates for election.

i. The committee must have an odd number of members.

ii. The Committee chair to be selected by the President.

iii. The Committee members shall refrain from discrimination in favor of or against any candidate.

iv. The Committee oversees all voting activities, to assure absence of compromise.

v. The Committee assures all voting results are reported to the membership.