Sunday, November 27, 2011

PRA 2011 Board of Directors Election

It is time to vote for three (3) positions on the Board of Directors. There are three (3) candidates but there is room for write in candidates. Biographies of each candidate are attached to the ballot.

An e-mail message has been sent to each PRA Member with an official ballot.

The official PRA 2011 Board of Directors Ballot can also be downloaded by signing in to our website and then go to the Members-only section, then to Material for Members. The ballot is located in the 1st row of the download table.

Please download the ballot and print page 1 (ballot) and mark your votes (vote for 3).

PLEASE Return Completed Ballot by December 10, 2011 To:

J. Nell Truitt

648 Majestic Hills Road

Ardmore, OK 73401-8353

*All envelopes postmarked later than December 10, 2011 will not be counted.

Thank you.