Monday, November 21, 2011

PRA Needs You! Another Call for Help!

Your response to our last call for help was outstanding but guess what? That's right - we still need your help to fill more important but vacant volunteer positions.

Here are some factoids about the PRA.

We have about fifty (50) volunteer positions ranging from Group Leaders to Board of Directors.

The average time most volunteers devote to the PRA is less than 5 hours a month to perform their duties and carry out their responsibilities.

The PRA is a small non-profit public benefit corporation that relies COMPLETELY on volunteers! We do not have any paid staff or employees!

The PRA operates on a very small budget each year - less than $3,000.00 - and yet we manage to provide valuable services to our Members each year.

Here is a list of the vacant positions we need you to volunteer for to help us.

1. We need a Sales Manager who can devote a few hours each month to help the PRA manage its sale of publications. We are moving in an exciting direction with all of our publications. Our goal is to completely digitize our publications so our Members and the public can download them directly from our website stores.

2. We need Group Leaders for several of our Family Groups. Visit our website at to see which Group need a Leader! This is one of the most important positions in the PRA.

3. We need Members to work on our Archive and Library project which is located at Earlham College, Richmond, ID. The PRA's Archive and Library project includes both printed material and digital material. Ideally the Members of this Committee will travel to Earlham College every other year to review the material that has been submitted to our Archives and Library.

4. We need Members with some background in bookkeeping and/or accounting to serve on our Audit Committee. This appointment is usually for a few months starting in early February and ending by the end of April.

5. We need Members to serve on our Fundraising Committee to help the PRA plan and execute fund raising ideas to continue to fund our important projects.

These are all important volunteer positions and help the PRA to stay focused on our goals and objectives and to continue to bring value to our Members.

If you're interested, please let me know. I can send you more information on our PRA Volunteer positions if you like and I can answer your questions.

Remember all but one of these positions do not require you to travel. You can perform all of the work by computer, the Internet and an occasional phone call.

Please consider volunteering to help the PRA. We need YOU NOW!