Monday, July 09, 2012

News from Family Tree DNA: Summer sale on DNA Upgrades at FTDNA

News Bulletin from Family Tree DNA and Nick Penington, PRA DNA Study Chairman

Dear Pennington DNA Study Member:

FTDNA is having a sale on upgrades. If there is someone in your group who has more markers than you it may help to upgrade to the next level. This can sometimes help to narrow the time frame of the link between your common ancestors. Be sure to do it before 7/15/2012!

Sale Prices:

12 to 37 - was $109 now $70

25 to 37 - was $59 now $35

25 to 67 - was $159 now $114

37 to 67 - was $109 now $79

37 to 111 - was $220 now $188

67 to 111 - was $129 now $109

Orders must be in and paid for by 11:59PM on Sunday July 15th, to receive this offer.

To order an upgrade go to: then login with your Kit No. or Username and then look in the upper right corner for "Order an Upgrade".

If you have any questions or need help with participating in the PRA'S DNA Study, go to:

If you are not involved in our study and you now wish to participate in the PRA's DNA Study and save money on FTDNA DNA test, go to: