Monday, September 10, 2012

Rev. Jasper Green Pennington - Awarded PRA Honorary Membership

The Rev. Jasper Green Pennington, Group 6, has been awarded a PRA Honorary Membership by the PRA Board of Directors.

I spoke to Jasper today and he is doing much better but is still in a "slow down mode" recovering from heart complications earlier this year.

Jasper and his wife will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary next month and he is looking forward to continuing work on his genealogy research and writings.

I know you all join the Board in congratulating Jasper and thanking him for all his many years of research and work on the Pennington family. He has held several positions with the PRA during his years of membership. The most recent were Board of Directors, Group Leader for Group 27 and the PRA Archivist.

To learn more and see our list of Honorary Members, go to:

Scroll down the page to view Jasper's name and click on the link to read the entire award.

Thank you Jasper for your service and invaluable contributions to the PRA!