Saturday, April 13, 2013

PRA Research Project in London Ready to Begin

The PRA is getting ready to start on a special research project in London, England.  We will start looking for a qualified genealogist in London who will do our research.  We will have specific goals and milestones to help us evaluate the progress of our research.

Some questions for the genealogy community.
1.  Has anybody had experience using a professional genealogist in London and if yes, was it a positive one?
2.  How do you measure or determine if the work was of value and achieved what you wanted?
3.  Did you use a contract?
4.  How do you pay for the services?
Any help is very much appreciated as is any other comments or suggestions.

We have a PRA Member who lives in London who will manage the project and do much of the recruitment and selection of a genealogist.