Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SCGS 2013 Jamboree - Thoughts and Notes

Some thoughts and notes from the Southern California Genealogical Society 2013 Jamboree.

Friday First Session - FR000C1 - Moretti, Schumacher - Society Leader Workshop. DIY: Who Do You Think You Are?

  • Who Do You Think You Are - Using format for events - South Bay Cities genealogical society. Used event as part of celebrating Torrance Centennial Event in 2012.

See handout for details.  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

Main Points:

  • Planning critical
  • Need volunteers to help
  • Ask for donations - cash and materials and supplies

Second Session - FR000C2 - Horowitz - Society Leader Workshop. Crowdsourcing: When the Power of Many Benefits All

See handout for details.  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • Example: Captcha look at second line that says "read books". Crowd sourcing effort to translate words so they help translate books for blind people.
  • Example: FamilySearch - Worldwide Records Indexing now over 1 billion records indexed. Duplicate entry checked by computer. If a match, data goes to third person who approves it. If no match, arbitrator makes decision.
  • Example: ancestry.com World Archives Project - Free for society. No technology involved. Great control over the project. Final data is shared on Ancestry. 
  • Small Project: images, word document , Excel templates. Scan documents into format PDF, jpg, png. Use meta tag data. Develop process. Guide to transcribe doc. 
  • Control who can do what and what volunteers do with images.
  • Note: use this method/documents for Pennington Periodicals. Create control file to track progress and who has what and what has been completed.
  • Process: send --> receive --> process --> send. Gives lots of thank yous!
  • Next step - integrate results - results on website - local or public - searchable - with or without images - with or without links - free/fee/members only - maintenance and updates - introduction and explanations
  • Steve Morse has free templates to create a searchable database.
  • Note: Could this work for the PRA's JFMF project?  Or for all the images that PRA Member's are posting on our MyFamily.com website?
  • Note: Daniel from MyHeritage explained how the PRA can use their website to upload our JFMF gedcom and other gedcom files from Members.
  • Tool: Scripto - A community transcription tool. Works on letters, etc. but not where you have lists, data fields.
  • MyHeritage uses crowd sourcing to compare data. Smart Matches
  • Geni uses crowd sourcing - good group of monitors to keep garbage out.

Third Session - FR000C3 - Hovorka - Society Leader Workshop. Double Your Membership, Double Your Fun: The UGA Case Study

See handout for details. Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • Organizational health inventory
  • Set goals
  • Do market research to Identify your audience
  • Think like a business what is your value to them? Assets
  • Strategic planning is worth the effort.
  • Plan big. Get a BHAG.
  • Don't stretch yourself too thin.
  • Throw out the play book. RISK
  • Go with the flow. Motivation, ownership and deadlines.
  • Go digital - GoToMeeting - Google + handouts - Video virtual chat - dealing with technology challenged members. Find ways to help them.
  • Create IRL (in real life) communities.
  • Market yourself.
  • Motivate - balance volunteer work and tasks - call for help and put more workers on heavy tasks.
  • Note: they pay for articles for publication 
  • Be generous
  • The charter school rule - It's great if I didn't have to do it.

Fourth Session: FR007 - Howells - Find the Silver Lining in the Cloud

See handout for details  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

Fifth Session: FR015 - Buzbee - What's New in RootsMagic 6

See previous notes from my other classes at RootsTech 2013 from Bruce for details.

  • Timeline - edit fields from this view 
  • Can open 2 edit screens at same time by opening 2 databases at same time.
  • Note:  modify tool bar with other icons like go back

Sixth Session: FR020 - Anne Mitchell  - Searching and Writing Your Family History as You Go on Ancestry.com - Learn to use Ancestry.com search tools to extract your ancestor’s records out of the billions of records available on Ancestry.com. Learn to use the newly discovered records to tell the story of your ancestor’s life.

See handout for details  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • Presentation is now available Monday on ancestry.com and on her blog - http://ancestry-reference-desk.com/

Saturday First Session:  SA006 - Bruce Buzbee  - Publishing Your Family Online with RootsMagic 6 - RootsMagic is the award-winning genealogy software that makes family history easy. Learn how to easily publish your family information  online, including notes, sources, and pictures.

No handout.

  • Use book publisher to create a family book.  Contains as many reports as you select.  You pick the starting person for each report.
  • Can save the book in many different formats.
  • Use it to publish a website.  Can publish on your own server or can create your own free RootsMagic account on their server.
  • Very nice format and easy to navigate website is created.  Also good looking.

Saturday Second Session:  SA011 - Craig R. Scott MA, CG - Pension Research: You Stopped Too Soon - Military pension records are a rich source of family information. This lecture covers three main types of records and where to find them: pension applications, pension office ledgers and cards, and final or last payments.

See handout for details Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • Fold 3 and NARA websites are best to use to search online.  NARA is only place to order original copies of military records including pensions.  Fold 3 allows you to download and print records.
  • Many resource books available by Craig S. Scott.
  • Valuable information in pension records - dates, locations, names of spouse/s, widow/s, children and other relatives.
  • Many abbreviations and codes used in records.

Saturday Third Session:  SA024 - Daniel Horowitz  - MyHeritage Record Matching Technology: Linking Your Family with the History - A new time-saver technology, research every individual in your family tree to automatically find historical records in MyHeritage 5+ billion records growing collection, and consolidate the relevant found in one interactive report.

See handout for details  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • FTDNA has a relationship with MyHeritage
  • Has newspapers and yearbook collections.  Other databases but different than Ancestry.com.  Have census records.  More accurate than others.
  • Uses World Vital Records databases (Heritage owns them).
  • This looks like a better option for the PRA's JFMF project.
  • Many good options for PRA.

Saturday Fourth Session:  SA037 - Lisa Louise Cooke  - The Google Earth Military March Game Show - Be a part of this exciting, interactive genealogy game created in Google Earth, rich with multi-media. Discover military history and learn about the associated genealogical records as contestants battle to answer questions for prizes.

No handout  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • Military records and research.  Using Google Earth as a game at society meetings reunions to encourage interest in genealogy.
  • Embed text, pictures, video (YouTube only), and graphics into locations.
  • You can also embed Google Books links including pages

Saturday Fifth Session:  SA039 - Michael Provard  - A Look at the FamilySearch Family Tree - Recently introduced to the world, the FamilySearch Family Tree is a new way to see your family. The Tree provides the opportunity to easily navigate, add sources, link scanned photos to individuals in the Tree, and so much more.

See handout for details  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.

  • Gedcom files - Can you import one?  He says you can.  I'll check with him later to confirm.  I checked later and you CANNOT import a gedcom file into FamilySearch Family Tree.

Saturday Sixth Session:  SA047 - Cyndi Ingle Howells  - Evaluating Web Sites: 13 Years Later - 13 years ago Cyndi presented a new lecture titled Evaluating Web Sites. All these years later several things have changed, while many things have stayed the same. How can you know whether what you find online is accurate and reliable? We’ll discuss how to delve into online datasets and determine the original source of the materials, and then how to evaluate the material you find there.

See handout for details  Note:  Handouts are available on SCGS Jamboree blog and/or website.