Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Great News! Pennington Periodicals Volume II Files Are Now Uploaded to Website

Thanks to Gerald Pennington, Group Leader for Group 14, we have completed the processing and uploading of the remaining five (5) years of the Pedigrees (from 1985 – 1990)!  Yea!

I have changed the Pennington Periodicals Volume II web page and made it easier for Members to navigate through the files available as part of this collection.  Each file can be viewed and/or downloaded.  Each file for a Courier or Pedigrees (and some reports) are Adobe Reader files and can be searched and/or printed.  They cannot be changed, however, the content can be copied so a Member could copy/paste a page/pages and use them in their research, etc.  This is in keeping with the policies set forth by the Board.

To view the new page and the files, go to:  www.PenningtonResearch.org and login.  Then go to:  http://www.penningtonresearch.org/Periodicals_Vol_II.

We will now start work on the Pennington Periodicals Volume III files.  All of the publications have been scanned and converted to Adobe Reader format so with Gerald’s help we should be able to process a few files each month.  As they are completed, they will be reviewed by me, copyright and security setting installed and then uploaded so they can be available to our Members.

Below is a summary of the publications and include target dates for future volumes.  Please remember this dates are flexible and are guidelines.

Volume I – 1968 – 1979:  Published on a CD/DVD in 2007.  In 2012 all the files were uploaded and are now available for download to our Members on our website.
Volume II – 1980 – 1990:  Published and is now available for download to our Members on our website.
Volume III – 1991- 2000:  Target date for complete upload to website is end of 2013.  Scanning complete (authorized by Board in 2011) and we will begin processing them soon.
Volume IV – 2001 – 2007:  Target date for complete upload to website is end of 2014.  Scanning complete (authorized by Board in 2011) and I plan to start processing them as soon as we complete work on Volume III.  Note:  Issues from 2007 to 2010 are already scanned and ready for processing.  Issues from 2010 to current date are already on our website.

Thanks again to Gerald Pennington.   If any other PRA Members wish to volunteer to help with our digital publications project, please let me know.

Thank you for your support.