Thursday, July 11, 2013

New PRA Sales Manager & Social Media Team Member - Andy Ramirez

It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Andy Ramirez as the PRA’s Sales Manager and Social Media Team member.  As our new Sales Manager, Andy will be working closely with Betsy (President), Marsha (Pedigrees) and the rest of us to help keep the public and our members up to date on important topics and the latest news from the PRA. 

Andy has the right skill set and experience to help the PRA with our product sales as we make the final move into our digital project.  Andy will also be responsible for our online merchandise store.

We’ve been recruiting members for about a year now to join our Social Media Team and Andy will be working with other volunteers to post information on our Facebook page, our Twitter page and on our public blog hosted by Google.

Andy belongs to Group 4.  He belonged to the PRA a few years ago and then left for a short time and returned this year.

Andy’s personal e-mail address is: and

Andy’s PRA e-mail address will be

Here is his bio information and picture.  I think you will agree he has a most interesting background and the needed experience and expertise we need for the job!


· I am 40 years old, married with two daughters, ages 17 and 5.

· I live in Central Texas, near Waco, in the country.

· In addition to that I have a special interest in Paranormal Investigating and have a professional group, you may see our group at Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are also linked there.

· As with the rest of you, I share a love of history, family history in particular. My site is

· Lastly, I am also an ordained spiritualist Minister, and again with my love of history, I have studied a great deal in the field of theology. My ministry site is

· Professionally, I have an extensive background is sales and marketing with a degree in Business Management. I have worked for such companies as Brinks Home Security, Nextel and Sprint PCS serving in roles as sales, Sales Manager and National sales trainer.

· I am a business owner, an independent (ISO) franchise for a major credit card and check cashing company.

I know you all join me in welcoming Andy and that he can count on all of us for help.

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