Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SCGS 2014 Jamboree – Day 2

Below are pictures of my visit to the Ronald Regan Presidential Library on Wednesday before the conference.  I have included a picture of the famous “Woody” in front of Laguna Cliff’s Marriott Resort and Spa in Dana Point where I spent a couple of days following the conference.

Ronald Regan Library (1)

Ronald Regan Library (10)


Remember to read and follow the blogs of Randy Seaver, Dick Eastman and Thomas MacEntee. If you don’t follow their blogs, please do.  They are my favorite genealogy blogs.

Randy’s blog is titled “Genea-Musings” and is found at http://www.geneamusings.com/.

Dick’s blog is titled “Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter” and is found at:  http://blog.eogn.com/.

Thomas’s blog is titled “GeneaBloggers” and is found at http://geneabloggers.com/

In the morning of day 2 I spent a couple of hours with Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist of MyHeritage.com. It was time well spent! The Pennington Research Association, Inc. (PRA) (www.PenningtonResearch.org) has a website on MyHeritage and we’ve moved our very large family tree of about 88,000 people to this website. The site will be free to all current PRA Members.


Class 1

Subject: Maximizing Your Search on Ancestry.com

Presenter: Crista Cowan, Ancestry.com

I found her presentation to be interesting but not of great value to me. However, I think her presentation would be of great help to any person new to Ancestry.com and their wonderful search capabilities.

She writes Ancestry.com’s blog and I strongly suggest you read her blog. Better yet, follow her blog each day for the most up to date tips, hints and resources for Ancestry.com.

Click here for Ancestry.com’s blog.

Class 2

Subject: MyHeritage Treasure Trove on MyHeritage

Presenter: Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist, MyHeritage

This was a great presentation by Daniel. He covered many of the new features now available on MyHeritage. These improved features include:

· Pictures

· Slideshows

· Time Line

· Family Game

· Time Book

· Charts

He also gave a clear and easy to understand demonstration of the key steps to follow when you join MyHeritage.  He reminded us that you can join for FREE.

· Build your family tree

o Either using the web based tree or the software

· Invite family members to join your site

· Upload all your photographs and source documents

· Within the pictures tab, tag as many people in the pictures as possible.

· Review the SmartMatches and Record Matches and approve or dismiss as needed.

· Build and share charts, family games, time book, etc.

He gave a short demonstration of what to expect with SmartSearch and Record Matches.

To learn more, go to their website at: www.MyHeritage.com

They have a great discount in place now for new members! Get 50% off their PremiumPlus and their data subscription plans.

Note: I’m using MyHeritage for my personal research and for the Pennington Research Association, Inc. home for our large family tree (88,000 plus). If you would like more information on my experiences with MyHeritage, please contact me at RD1@PenningtonResearch.org.

Class 3

Subject: The Future of Genetic Genealogy

Presenter: Bennett Greenspan

I have to be honest with you. This presentation failed, in my opinion, to really talk about the future of genetic genealogy. He read a couple of articles in the beginning of his presentation that did discuss about the future of genetic genealogy but the rest of the presentation missed the mark.

I also have to admit that much of the last 30 minutes of his presentation was way over my head and I did not grasp much of what he had to say to us.

He discussed Family Tree DNA’s (FTDNA) newest test called “The Big Y” but when he talked about the number of years that would pass before this test would begin to produce relevant matches for the average person I decided I would wait before paying the outrageous fee. On the day of his presentation the fee was $695 but FTDNA is offering a special price of just $595 now.

I left with the feeling what he really was trying to do was to pitch “The Big Y” test to get more people to participate because without millions of more people participating, the database is not of real value at this time to me.

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