Friday, September 19, 2014

Will for Elijah Pennington, Hampshire Co., WV, Probated May 25, 1835, PRA Group 9

Will for Elijah Pennington, Hampshire Co., VA now WV, Probated May 25, 1835, PRA Group 9

Submitted by Shirley Bates, PRA Member, Email

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The Will is a follow-up from an article that Shirley Bates published in the Pennington Pedigrees, 2013 Vol. 45 Issue 2, page 102 regarding the possibility that Elijah Pennington could have been the father of Elizabeth (Pennington) Wilson.

Shirley wanted to rule out Elijah Pennington as being the father of her Elizabeth.  In the will his daughter Elizabeth was listed as Elizabeth Emmet, daughter and beneficiary.  This will proves that this particular Elizabeth is not Elizabeth (Pennington) Wilson "Shirley's ancestor".

Apparently there is some controversy in some peoples research that states this particular Elizabeth Pennington (daughter of Elijah) who married Andrew Emmett was actually Elizabeth Pepper.  The will proves that Elizabeth's married name at the time of her father's probated estate was Emmet (Emmart).

Although Shirley's ancestor Elizabeth Pennington is not proven to be a daughter of Elijah Pennington, she is also proven not to be the Elizabeth Pepper as some people have incorrectly in their research.

This is believed to be the final resting place for Elizabeth (Pennington) Emmart:

Emmart Family Cemetery, Capon Bridge, Hampshire Co., WV

Note: To be published in the Sep 2014 quarterly PRA Newsletter.