Monday, January 12, 2015

New Book titled “A White Angel” by PRA Member Peter Pennington–Tribute to an American Family following 9/11 Attacks

As we all know most Pennington family roots go back to England so a new book by one of our English members will help to give some useful background of the land where many of our ancestors came from.

For US and Canadian members it has an especial interest because it paints a picture of the industrial north of that country at the time when so many were emigrating to our own two nations.

The book, an historical novel about a fictitious Jackson family, opens in Manhattan on the morning of 9/11 and shows how an ordinary New York family coped with the tragedy. There is a theme in the book of paying tribute to the American character in facing-up to those events and how they were able to draw on more than a century and a half of other experiences in order to overcome that dreadful day.

England in the 1850’s is well described before the family decides to emigrate to America where it finds New York starting to grow upwards high above the church spires that had previously dominated the skyline. Later the Jacksons travel on one of the Fall Line coastal steamers up to Providence RI whilst later still other generations have their characters molded by the tragedy of the Titanic and then two world wars.

Eventually on the shores of Italy's’ most beautiful Lake Garda a modern generation finds peace as the threads of the family’s history are drawn together and they face the new 21st century.

The book "The White Angel" is first to be published in England by Ardnamona Publishers in February and can be bought only from them at $US 21.00 + $8.95 handling and delivery. To get a copy of the first print run order by January 31, 2015 thru PayPal and

Peter has agreed to sign copies for PRA members if this is requested at the time of ordering.

Information from Peter Pennington, PRA Member and resident of London, England.