Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PRA Help Wanted

There is an old saying: Many hands make light work. This saying is as true today as it was in our ancestors’ generation. For the past few years the Pennington Research Association has been doing just the opposite: Few hands make heavy work. This was not our intention to do that, we want as many people as possible to be involved with the PRA. We recognize the truth that people live very busy lives. But do you a few hours to volunteer for the PRA? Here is a list of possibilities:

·       Archivist

·       Family Group Leader

·       Sales Manager

·       Election Committee Members

·       Fundraising Committee Members

·       Strategic Plan Committee Members

·       Video Production

·       Social Media Coordinator (Twitter, Facebook, blogs)

·       Digital Publications Processing

·       Site Manager for our MyHeritage Website

Please go to our website www.penningtonreseach.org, then click on Volunteers for job descriptions. If you have any questions, especially technical questions, contact Gene Pennington at RD1@PenningtonResearch.org. For other questions contact Betsy VanAuker at betsy.vanauker@gmail.com.